World Championships

Sep 18 2023

Dear Friends

I thought that I would send you this email today highlighting the performance of the Oceania lifters at the recent World Championships held in Riyadh.

I am delighted to see our lifters moving forward at international level and I am confident that we will see quite a few of our lifters from our region competing in the Paris Olympic Games.

I have separated the Olympic categories for Paris from the non-Olympic categories. The Olympic categories (Paris) had large numbers of competitors in comparison to the non-Olympic categories.

The Olympic categories (Paris Olympics) are for women: 49kg, 59kg, 71kg, 81kg, +87kg. The Olympic categories (Paris Olympics) for men are: 61kg, 73kg, 89kg, 102kg, +109kg.

These are the results from Riyadh, from our Oceania lifters competing in the Olympic qualification categories for Paris.

  • Eileen Cikamatana 81kg category (Australia) totalled 256kg. (Two bronze medals)
  • Luniara Saipai +87kg category (Samoa) totalled 264kg. (placed 5th)
  • Don Opeloge 102kg category (Samoa) totalled 392kg. (placed 8th)
  • David Liti +109kg category (New Zealand) totalled 407kg. (placed 9th)
  • Susana Nimo +87kg category (Samoa) totalled 217kg. (placed 14th)
  • Sanele Mao +109kg category (Samoa) totalled 385kg. (placed 17th)
  • Morea Baru 61kg category (Papua New Guinea) totalled 276kg. (placed 19th)
  • Mathlynn Langtor Sasser 59kg category (Marshall Islands) totalled 210kg. (placed 20th )
  • Taniela Rainibogi 102kg category (Fiji) totalled 355kg (placed 24th )
  • Dika Toua 49kg category (Papua New Guinea) totalled 161kg (Placed 26th)
  • Manuila Raobu 73kg category (Tuvalu) totalled 275kg (Placed 26th)
  • Oliver Saxton 89kg category (Australia) totalled 325kg (placed 28th)
  • Joshua Makafana Ukilifi JR 102kg category (Tonga) totalled 335kg (placed 29th)
  • Brenna Kean 59kg category (Australia) totalled 185kg (placed 34th) 
  • Thomas Wilbur 102kg category (Vanuatu) totalled 308kg (placed 34th)
  • Xavier Tiffany 89kg category (New Zealand) totalled 308kg (placed 37th)
  • Jeromy Tura 89kg category (Cook Islands) totalled 265kg (placed 40th)
  • Jacqeline Nichele 71kg category (Australia) eliminated - no total
  • Sarah Cochrane 71kg category (Australia) eliminated - no total
  • Kyle Bruce 89kg category (Australia) Weighed in but did not compete
  • Kiana Elliott 59kg category (Australia) Weighed in but did not compete
  • Maximina Uepa 71kg category (Nauru) Weighed in but did not compete

These results below are from Oceania lifters who competed in non-Olympic categories.

The categories which are not in the Paris Olympics are for women: 45kg, 55kg, 64kg, 76kg, 87kg. The categories which are not in the Paris Olympics are for men: 55kg, 67kg, 81kg, 96kg, 109kg.

  • Jenly Wini 55kg category (Solomon Islands) totalled 184kg. (Placed 13th)
  • Ajah Pritchard -Lolo 87kg category (Vanuatu) totalled 196kg (Placed 13th)
  • Olivia Selemaia 64kg category (New Zealand) totalled 196kg (Placed 15th)
  • Darcy Kay 64kg category (Australia) totalled 196kg (Placed 16th)
  • Jackson Robert-Young 109kg category (Australia) totalled 338kg (Placed 17th)
  • Ruben Katoatau 81kg category (Kiribati) totalled 308kg (Placed 18th)
  • Erati Kaimauri 67kg category (Kiribati) totalled 210kg (Placed 18th)
  • Emma McIntyre 64kg category (New Zealand) totalled 194kg (Placed 19th)
  • Hayley Whiting 81kg category (New Zealand)) eliminated - no total

Kindest regards,
Paul Coffa MBE
General Secretary

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