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Sep 24 2018

Dear Friends,

From November 1st, 2018, the IWF will change the bodyweight categories. Therefore NEW records will be established.

The OWF Executive Board and with the assistance of Michael Noonan, the CWF Statistician, have established new standards in these new bodyweight categories.

Attached please find these new standards and any lifts claimed as Oceania records from the 1st November 2018, must equal or exceed these standards. However please note that any records claimed must have been established as per the OWF Constitution Article 16 – Records.

A claim for an Oceania record shall only be valid if: 

  1. The claim is submitted by a recognised officer (for example President or General Secretary) of an OWF affiliated nation: OR The feat is achieved in a IWF calendar event, with the results verified by the IWF;
  2. The feat is judged by referees possessing an IWF issued referee qualification;
  3. The event at which the potential record was achieved was subject to testing by a recognised independent anti-doping control organisation;
  4. If selected for anti-doping testing the athlete does not record an infringement, as defined by WADA or the IWF.

Oceania Senior, Junior & Youth records may be set at any International Events or National Championships.

Application for Oceania Senior, Junior & Youth records shall be made within one month to the OWF General Secretary and shall contain all relevant particulars i.e. name of lifter, lifters bodyweight, date of birth, the weight of the barbell, place of performance, date and title of the contest during which the record was broken. The attestation shall be signed by all three referees stating their verdict and countersigned by the National Federation of the lifter.

Kindest regards
Paul Coffa MBE
General Secretary
Oceania Weightlifting Federation
Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation
Ph: +687 467640 or +61 457778900

New Standards - Oceania Records

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